Board of Directors

Guy Sievert


Guy is originally from upstate New York having come to Oregon in 1983 from West Virginia. He held faculty and administrative appointments in colleges and universities for nearly forty years before starting with his partners Ecosystem Services LLC, a group dedicated to using capital markets to protect our watersheds. He is currently managing partner in Ecosystem Services, a consulting team focused on source water protection. Guy lives with his wife Donna in Neskowin and has been an active volunteer in various Tillamook County committee’s and task forces. He is currently a member of the county Planning Commission.

Mike Wynands

Mike an ex-mechanic, ex-dairyman turned road worker and a Jet Ski enthusiast raising beef on the upper Nestucca river. Mike joined the Watershed Council because even though the Council does not set policy, it does influence decisions made by others, which is why community involvement on the board is important.

Sherry Vick


Sherry lives in Hemlock and works for the Tillamook County Soil & Water Conservation. She is an active gardener with a backyard flock of chickens. She likes to camp, bike, hike, fish, bird, rock hound and beachcomb. She is very interested in the natural history of this area that she lives and works in, and volunteering her time for our local watershed council seems like a natural way to give back to this area that she enjoys so much.

Mike Walsh

Mike has been involved with the Watershed Council from the beginning. He is a retired school teacher of the Nestucca Valley School District, and for a number years taught a Natural Resources class, where they had many outings studying the environment and assisting on many restoration projects within the county. He enjoys landscaping on my property that lies adjacent to the Nestucca River, and has been committed to the Civil Air Patrol for 12 years.

Rob Kliever

Rob is a sports fisherman based in Pacific City. He joined the Watershed Council in April of 2016, and is very interested in fish habitat. He belongs to the Polk County Sportsmen Club, which has been involved with the Salmon Trout Enhancement Program since 1980. The Watershed Council is very involved in stream enhancement and he wanted to be a part of that.