Board of Directors

Albert Knopf

Currently I work as Technical Support, assisting worldwide, with coating and lining recommendations for AKZONobel-International Paint, manufacturer of industrial liquid coatings and lining systems.

I was born in McMinnville, OR with parents attending Linfield College. We moved to the East Bay, N. Cal, where my father taught high school then onto college and amongst his various science curriculum was, Marine Biology. At a young age I went on his summer school tide pool field trip classes, which began my affinity for the ocean.

My father and family visiting his brother in Pacific City, were introduced to dory fishing. Summer of 69’ was our first summer of commercial salmon fishing and every summer thereafter we would come up to commercially fish our dories. I moved to Oregon full time 1977.

As a youngster playing in tide pools, participating at the onset of the Salmon Trout Enhancement Program (STEP) locally at my Uncle’s property on Jenck rd. Cloverdale OR, (Arstell Creek) and commercial fishing for salmon (ocean/river sport fisheries as well), I grew to love the marine environment we are blessed with in this region.

Mike Trent

Mike has been a dairy farmer his whole life on Trent Family Farms in Cloverdale, which has been in the family since 1928. Mike joined the Watershed Council in December of 2016, and is interested in protecting the overall health of our local watersheds. He partnered with the Watershed Council to do culvert replacements and riparian restoration on his own property, and is an avid hunter and fisherman.

Jon Warren

I moved to Oregon from Los Angeles in the early 70s at the age of 22.  I went to work in the hi tech industry that was in its beginnings here in Oregon.  I worked nights to complete a degree in manufacturing technology at PCC.  Over the next 35 years, I worked in many fields of hi tech manufacturing, from system design to manufacturing engineering and project management. I have had the good fortune to travel many parts of the earth and there is no place like what we have here in South County. Four years ago, my wife and I retired to our home overlooking the Nestucca river and our beautiful valley. It is an enchanting view.

I have fished the waters of Tillamook County for the past 40 years. I have seen many changes to our watersheds some good, some bad. My goal is to be part of the good and help in restoring our stream habitats in the waters I fish. I am a strong advocate for healthy watersheds and rivers on the North coast. “Healthy rivers are a source of life”

Guy Holzworth

Guy has lived in the area for 36 years, and managed the Neskowin Regional Water District for 35 of those. He has a tremendous interest in nature and water in the region, and joined the Watershed Council for the opportunity to collaborate with local governments, entities, non-profits, partnerships and landowners to do amazing things.

Malia Kupillas

Malia is a consulting hydrogeologist and President of Pacific Hydro-Geology Inc. (PHG).  She has been consulting on various aspects of hydrology, geology, ground water management, and aquifer analyses since 1986.  Ms. Kupillas has served as a water rights consultant since 1998 and taught several water rights workshops at Portland State University’s School of Extended Studies.  She received her B.S. degree from Wichita State University, and her M.S. degree from The University of Kansas in hydrogeology.  She is currently working on a PhD at Oregon State University’s Water Resource Science program.  Ms. Kupillas is a registered geologist and certified water rights examiner in Oregon.   She is also a licensed geologist in Washington, with a hydrogeology specialty.  She served six years on the State of Oregon’s Ground Water Advisory Committee.  PHG is one of five consulting firms chosen and trained by the Oregon Water Resources Department to process transfers, certificates, and extensions under a contract services agreement.  She is also the co-chair of the Oregon Geologic Mapping and Advisory Committee.

Guy Sievert

Guy is originally from upstate New York having come to Oregon in 1983 from West Virginia. He held faculty and administrative appointments in colleges and universities for nearly forty years before starting with his partners Ecosystem Services LLC, a group dedicated to using capital markets to protect our watersheds. He is currently managing partner in Ecosystem Services, a consulting team focused on source water protection. Guy lives with his wife Donna in Neskowin and has been an active volunteer in various Tillamook County committee’s and task forces. He is currently a member of the county Planning Commission.

Jake Thiemens

Jake grew up in the mountains of northern Idaho and has worked and lived in Tillamook County since 2003. He is a second-generation forester with a B.S. in Forest Products from the University of Idaho and works managing coastal timberlands for Hancock Forest Management. Jake lives with his wife Cassie and their daughter in Beaver, dedicating most of their time to school activities, hobby farming, and enjoying the wide array of natural resources in their community. He is proud to manage Hancock timberlands under Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) standards being a champion of conservation, community, and education.

Sherry Vick

Sherry lives in Hemlock and works for the Tillamook County Soil & Water Conservation District. She is an active gardener with a backyard flock of chickens. She likes to camp, bike, hike, fish, bird, rock hound and beachcomb. She is very interested in the natural history of this area that she lives and works in. Volunteering her time for our local watershed council seems like a natural way to give back to this area that she enjoys so much.

Jon Wehage

Jon was born and raised in NW Oregon and has lived in Tillamook County since 2003.  He has a B.S. in Forest Engineering from Oregon State University and has been with Stimson Lumber Company since 1995 where he currently manages the Coast Tree Farm. Jon and his wife Tanya spend most of their spare time with three children and their activities.  Additionally he is an avid outdoorsman, enjoys coaching youth, hobby farming and being involved in the community. Jon is serving on the Tillamook County Fair Board, Tillamook High School Agriculture and Natural Resources Advisory Committees and the Tillamook Bay Community College Agriculture and Natural Resource Program Advisory Committee.