About Neskowin Watershed

Neskowin Creek has a basin area of approximately 12 square miles, and flows 10 miles from its headwaters directly to the Pacific Ocean. The headwaters originate on the western slope of Neskowin Ridge at an altitude of 1,400 feet.

The mouths of Neskowin and Hawk Creeks are classified as estuaries, and the 260-acre Neskowin Marsh is located at the head of Meadow Creek. Existing development in the watershed, which is primarily along Neskowin Creek and the coast at Neskowin, includes year-round and vacation homes, an RV park, 2 motels, and a golf course.


Butte Creek Culvert Replacement


September 2013


Pacific Bridge & Construction

Partners & Funders:

Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, Cascade Pacific & Private Land Owners

Butte Creek is a small sub-basin that drains the hills east of Neskowin, immediately north of Cascasde Head in Tillamook County. The original culvert, was severely undersized, failing to pass large flow events, increasing bank erosion and impeding natural fish passage. The 5ft diameter culvert was a replaced with a 26ft long concrete bridge. The replacement of this culvert improves passage to 1.7 miles of spawning and rearing habitat.